1/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: Vuvuzela

Today is
the kick off of the 100-day countdown for the World Cup 2010! What does this
mean? For the first time in history an African country is to host the FIFA World
Cup. It marks another epi.jpgc happening in the history of South Africa.

There are
so many reasons to be in South Africa right now. Would you agree there is
something contagious about things that change? Just like we as humans change,
nations change. When we put those two together big things happen. The world’s
eyes are on South Africa, and each of us have the chance to be part of raising the
new image of South Africa.

Travelstart we genuinely love change. In 2006 there was still no online travel
agency (OTA) in South Africa, e-commerce was lacking years behind. Despi.jpgte technical
and infrastructural challenges, we decided to open up South Africa’s first OTA
that year. What drives us is to see the change in people’s behavior when they
realize things don’t have to be done they way they always have. We are super
pumped and stoked about the changes that the World Cup is bringing and the how
it will further our growth as a country and an economy to count on.

100 days
left people! Every day we will post something here on the World Cup, we will
use the word till our ears are bleeding. You game? Go get that Vuvuzela! 


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