2010 VS the missed future opportunity of commerce

Our whole country, South Africa, is staring into the future and the only thing we see is a couple of weeks of soccer in 2010. Our energy focus and ambitions revolves around this fantastisc spectacle. We are building a couple of new stadiums. We renovate the airports and get rid of some shacks etc.

But this will not help us long term.

The future of all commerce takes place in Cyberspace. Visionaries and and foresighted governments have understood this and accomodated it. Have alook at Dubai; sand, sand, sand, sand and commerce. Love it!

In the past our forefathers build cities around harbours. Later they buils cities around railway hubs. Now we build cities around airports. No one with a sane mind thinks that airports arent important. But a lot of politicians still believe that the Internet is just for information seeking and dating. But thats not true. When walls start to come down from government control in business things move fast.

The Cape Town area should be the new Sophia Antipolis – a high tech area just north of Nice. A perfect example of how an area can bloom with high tech companies. All the Intels, IBMs Amadeus’ etc from all over the world have set up European head office operations and development centers, because they know that great people are attracted to great companies in great environments. You cant just have a great company anymore – people want great lifestyle to go with it.

Cape Town is the mother city not only of South Africa, but of the world. I love this city and this country. Increase the bandwidth indefinitely, lower the prices, and we will have a new world hub of high tech companies in five years.

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