2/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: Big business!

Fact file: Did you know that the stadium for the final has 94 700 seats? Are you going to be one of them?

Yesterday was Fly the Flag Tuesday, where South Africans came out and showed their support with red, green, blue, black, yellow and white. Now we are officially warmed up and there is no turning back. And because yesterday marked the start of one hundred days, and ultimately one hundred opportunities for great memories, what was your first moment of World Cup magic?

We are into day two of the big countdown. I believe the tourism industry couldnít be more excited about anything else right now. Could we be in a better destination? Not a chance! We can be excited right now, just for being South African. And all of us especially, in this arena, for working in the tourism industry in South Africa.  Not just as a money-making business, but also to see South Africa and South Africans spoiled with cultures and personalities from all corners of the globe. Insight into what they are hopi.jpgng to see will leverage how we market tourism in South Africa in the future. We will earn as much in experience as we will in revenue. Demanding foreigners, with money to spend and expectations to meet? What better way to test ourselves on how we handle a hot potato?

We have the guts, we want the glory, and as professionals committed to a robust tourism trade, the focus should now be on earning return-business from close on half a million visitors. Imagine if each of them brought a friend or two back? That's why I say get excited about it! Make this time work for you because, as a South African, you have worked for it.

Muzi Mohale

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