22 Photos of Mauritius Show Why the Indian Ocean Atoll Is For More Than Just Tropical Island Clichés

When our resident travel photographer Jonty took a flight to Mauritius at the end of January, he had one directive – get as many snaps of the ‘beautificus locus’ of Ile Maurice as possible.

The truth is Jonty is actually a casual photographer, taking photos to satiate his own interest in capturing the scene, though you wouldn’t think so after looking at his spectacular iPhone snaps which have long been eliciting applause from the peeps in the Travelstart office.

All the Mauritius photos, which were taken on an iPhone using Snapseed and Camera+ apps for iOS, show that the remote island nation is for many things beyond extinct Dodo’s, coloured Earth’s, Pamplemousse and Sega dancing; and Jonty’s shots go a long way in showing why the island most resembles an oil painting.

It’s for Visa Free Exoticness just a 4 hour flight from Johannesburg …

1 Coin de Mire

… And the chance of a late afternoon cyclone after a day in the sun.

2 Centara Grand Azuri Sunset

It’s for watching the sun rise from the East …

3 Centara Poste Lafayette Sunrise

… And seeing the reef from a few thousand feet.

4 View of Blue Bay Marine Reserve and Beachcomber Shandrani Resort from the plane

It’s for busting your butt up the monolith at Le Morne …

5 Le Morne

… And symmetrical scenes so idyllic your facebook friends can only look on in scorn.

7 Lux Le Morne Resort2

It’s for sitting on a bar stool so cool it’s in the pool …

6 Lux Le Morne Resort1

… And for all inclusive themed meals on the deck by the pool.

8 Sands Resort

It’s for the opulence of an infinity pool which seems to blend into the sea …

9 Hilton Resort and Spa

… And for an obligatory Phoenix Beer when the thought of Green Island Rum is making you heave.

10 Local beer  Phoenix

It’s for sunscreen-scented slackening surrounded by palms …

11 Maritim Resort and Spa

… And for ghost crab hunting in the early-evening calm.

12 Sunset at Troux aux Biches

It’s for discovering little ‘Ile’s’ off the main isle …

15 Ile des deux Cocos private island

… And hammock induced naps away from the wild.

16 Ile des deux Cocos

It’s for sitting on a rock and staring into the big blue for as long as you like …

17 Blue Bay Marine Reserve

… And for moody skies just before night.

18 Lux Le Morne

It’s for Creole entertainment burly and bright …

19 Local entertainment

… And local delicacies potent with bite.

20 Banana rum (aged for a minimum of 3 months)

It’s about moored boats at Cap Malheureux …

21 Coine de Mire Island

 … And for ice cream (Speedo optional) from a stretch Mini Coop.

22 Ice Cream Mini at Lux Grand Gaube

It’s for reclining on a beach private and serene …

14 Casaurina Resort and Spa

… As gently rocking fleets fade into the sea.

13 Troux aux Biches

All Mauritius images by Jonty Medcalf – Direct Sales Manager at Travelstart South Africa.


Snapseed for iPhone | Snapseed for Android
Camera+ for iPhone | Not available for Android

Our Readers Comments

  1. It is a heavenly place and I had the good fortune to live in this simply amazingly beautiful and friendly place for 5 long years as I was working for a company over there! Cheers

  2. Hi there, I will be visiting this December for holiday. Good to know all the interesting details

  3. Disappointing photos, mostly hotel pics and don’t show the true Mauritius. Try visiting the bustling towns, the lush inland scenery, there is some great photos to be taken away from the sea and the hotels.

  4. I have dream…i want see mauritus…nice country…

  5. Going to Mauritius in 2 weeks time. Seeing is believing.

  6. The above pics looks like the Centara Lafayette Spa that i stayed in with my hubby in September 2013. Absolutely stunning and breath taking views. This is what i call heaven on earth. Locals are warm and friendly – makes one feel like home. Definitely go back there someday.

  7. My place of serenity…….we always have fun in Mauritius!

  8. really one day i want to visit this heaven

  9. I am fortunate to visit the island in the next 2 weeks. Looking forward to it and getting some rest for the body and food for the soul.

  10. I have been there and would like to go back someday. I totally agree with every pic – its island life style at its best. Try the bus from Grand Bai to Port Louise what an experience! Its like being on The Red Bus in Cape Town through the Cape Flats.Absolute an eye opener.

  11. Gorgeous pictures but most of them r taken in hotel compounds. We Mauritians don’t live in hotels. There’s so much more to our tiny paradise. How about our diverse culture n people? But yeah I live here n I love my country. Mauritius is truly beautiful.

  12. I wonder why jonty would call this little island an Atoll. A volcanic island yes. Maybe he is refering to that other island Diego Garcia, also in the indian ocean.

  13. What? An atoll??

  14. And you forgot to mention how the tourists get ripped of:-
    Icecream Cone, R60,hotel charges R 30 for 300 ml coke, R40 for 1,5 liter Water, taxi and factory shop rip-offs and it goes on and on. Port Louise is a filthy place with 100 year old delapitated buildings.
    Off course, no one tells you that you cannot walk bare feet into the water because of toxic sea urchins and coral that cut your feet.

    All in all, Ballito is Paradise undiscovered.

    • I could not have agreed any more with your comments.My wife and i stayed a week at a Five star hotel in the north of the island in September 2013.Like you we also found the prices a rip off with the taxis being the worst offenders.We caught the local buses to travel around at next to nothing – the experience of the journey on the bus is worth the fare alone.
      Also experienced stepping on to a sea urchin and the extreme pain while having the spikes removed by a nurse at the hotel.The annoying part was not being made aware of this hazard.On the plus side the weather was great and we never felt our personal safety was at risk.
      we found the locals to be unfriendly and aloof , especially when we spoke in English.This happened all over the island.

  15. Absolutely love Mauritius, have just come back from our fifth holiday there, it is every bit as beautiful as the photo’s if not more so and the locals are the best! Super friendly, welcoming and refreshingly honest.

  16. well it is inviting, so nice and beautiful. some day will come visit. love it.


  18. This is awesome scenery. It looks delicious and I will love to experience the feel of it around there.

  19. Mauritius a real paradise; would love to visit some day.

  20. Hmmmmmmmmmm,i love dis place will like to b dere.

  21. This page IS just another Tropical cliché. Mauritius is so much more than what you’ve put up. Super disappointing.

  22. Proud of my little Island 🙂

  23. Hi.
    A small piece of info from the Paradise Island :

    There exists no private beaches in the island. Hotels and owners of bungalows sometimes intimidate Mauritians with their security guards and notices to make them believe that the beach is for them. Legally, they own or hire only till the piece of land starting from high level water mark.

    More details on my blog : http://www.yashvinblogs.com/plages-privees/

    • Good point :'(

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