24/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: Bafana Bafana do us proud!

Fact file: “A study has revealed that the majority of South Africans still love Bafana Bafana, and have thrown their weight behind the national team ahead of this year's 2010 FIFA World Cup.”- iafrica.com, Wed 24th March.

Matthew Booth It's goosebump stuff to be hosting the World Cup, and I know that as we etch closer to D-day, more and more people are joining in, in agreement. A recent survey of 2400 adults of 18 years and older showed that Bafana Bafana very definitely has the support of the nation. The results showed that more than 70% of the demographics interviewed were behind Bafana Bafana all the way. Then, when you learn that less than 10 per cent of White South African adults generally support local soccer otherwise, these stats are even more impressive.

This means that South Africans are starting to feel more and more attached to what this event means to us as a nation, rather than us as individuals. It’s 1995 Rugby World Cup stuff, times ten! This buy-in by the nation, coupled with the fact that the Gauteng premier has guaranteed free flowing traffic by the end of April, means that the World Cup has “success” written all over it. The traffic situation is particularly interesting all on its own, because Gauteng is set to host 60 percent of the activities – including the opening and closing ceremonies. So, the promise of less congestion is a fantastic excuse to celebrate – once again! And because tourism is our thing, what’s good for the goose (Gauteng), is good for the gander (the whole country!). Be inspired, or be left out.

Photograph by: Shine 2010

Muzi Mohale

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