Top Five Most Romantic Places in the World

Sunkissed days, moonlit nights, romantic dinners, hand-in-hand strolls and stolen kisses in the most romantic places in the world. 

It’s the stuff epic poetry and romance novels are made of. We’ve taken the liberty of narrowing down your bae-cation options to the top five most romantic places to check out in 2020. 

1. Santorini, Greece

5 most romantic places in the world

Picture whitewashed beach cottages adorned with different shades of blue, sloping against the mountainside, along the coast of gorgeous Greece. Feast your eyes on cobbled streets, wide expanses of open sea, picturesque sunsets and take in the mouth-watering smell of delicious seafood as it wafts through the air of this volcanic island. More than just sun and sea, Santorini also offers a rich cultural heritage with the Bronze Age settlement of Akrotíri open to the public. Looks like the reasons why Santorini is one of the most romantic places in the world are multi-faceted! 

Where to stay: Find accommodation in Santorini. 

What to do:  Akrotíri, Volcanic Islands cruise, hot springs visit, wine tasting and more.

Average spend per day: R1,815, excluding accommodation. 


2. Aruba, Caribbean

5 most romantic places in the world

So stunning, The Beach Boys wrote a song about it, Aruba is definitely one of the most romantic destinations and a Caribbean jewel. Dubbed “one happy island”, Aruba is found just outside the hurricane belt, Aruba is pretty much a party to year-long sunshine, blue skies and azure waters. Book your flights to Aruba to relax and recharge on your next romantic getaway. 

Where to stay: Find accommodation in Aruba.

What to do: snorkelling, Arashi beach, island tour, jet skiing and more

Average spend per day: R3,836, excluding accommodation.


3. Marrakech, Morocco

5 most romantic places in the world

Very few places in the world encompass both old-world charm and modern-day eclecticism quite like Marrakech. Since time immemorial, musicians, writers and other creatives have ventured to this uniquely romantic city to find their inspiration and get their creative juices flowing. Be transfixed by snake charmers, belly dancers and gorgeous architecture alike. With so much to see and do, Marrakech makes for the perfect romantic getaway. Book your flights and start an unforgettable journey into magical Morocco. 

Where to stay: Find accommodation in Marrakech. 

What to do: Camel rides, desert tours, bazaars, souks and more

Average spend per day: R842, excluding accommodation.


4. Kyoto, Japan

5 most romantic places in the world

Japan is known for being culture-rich, preserving ancient wonder and providing tourists with the unforgettable notion of travelling back and forward into time. Of all Japanese marvels, Kyoto is most deserving of a spot on the list of the most romantic destinations in the world. From ancient temples and geisha sightings to otherworldly gardens and tea houses, the trip to Kyoto is well worth keeping the romance alive. Whether your spark of love is a fledgeling bud or a blooming flower, this romantic getaway will have you trading in your jeans for a kimono and filling your suitcase with memories of ages gone by. 

Where to stay: Find accommodation in Kyoto.

What to do: Cultural Forest, Shrine and Temple Tour, Samurai Experience, tea ceremony and more

Average spend per day: R1,246, excluding accommodation.


5. NamibRand, Namibia

5 most romantic places in the world

Namibia boasts a vast expanse of unbelievable, red sand dunes, breathtaking sunsets, incredible safaris and stars that make the night sky come alive. Not only can you quad bike through the Namib Desert, sleep among some of Africa’s most majestic beasts and indulge in African bush cuisine, but you can also be whisked away in a hot air balloon as you take in the desertscape and marvel at nature. The NamibRand Nature Reserve offers a romantic getaway experience that makes Namibia one of the most romantic destinations south of the Sahara. What says romance quite like frolicking among the desert dunes?

Where to stay: The Kwessi Dunes Lodge, NamibRand Nature Reserve

What to do: Quad biking, stargazing, hot air ballooning, safaris and more

Average spend per day: R1,116. Price of lodge not included. 


Thus concludes our list of the most romantic places in the world. Where will your next romantic getaway lead you? Of all the “cations”, the bae-cation may very well be the most fun to plan. We can help if you sign up to our newsletter. You’ll remain abreast of the latest flight deals, sales and promotions, and never miss a flight steal. 

Where was your last romantic getaway? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you! 


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