64/100 Reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: 100 reasons exist within one man

Quote file: “It always seems impossible until it is done,” – Nelson Mandela

Honesty, nobility and integrity are two things that most people feel we – mankind – waved goodbye to in the early 90s. Not so, and with the flurry of good-news lights that are being turned on with this year’s World Cup, comes another feel good story. The construction workers who have worked on the stadia that most of us are yet to spend time up-close in, will get to sit themselves in the comfort of the seats at a 2010 World Cup game. Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) has confirmed that honesty, and more importantly integrity, do exist.  FIFA will be honouring their promise and 27 000 construction workers who have been as pivotal to the legacy of this tournament as the players themselves, will be able to see a game up close and personal.

There’s that number again. Twenty seven. Twenty seven years to be exact (for the purpose of this example). Such a big part of our history and a longer time than most of us can imagine spending anywhere – let alone prison. Nelson Mandela could make up for 100 reasons to feel good about being in South Africa all on his own. And as we stand on the precipice of what will no doubt remind us of many great sporting events in the past, none will be a truer sign of unity than the 1995 Rugby World Cup final. Our hero might be well enough to make an appearance this year… but we have to be prepared for the fact that he may not be. What we should cling to however is the example that his appearance at 1995’s final signified; intended diffusion of racial tension to ultimately achieve unity. We can do it. And if you are not here to see it for yourself, you should be making plans to change that.

Muzi Mohale

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