71/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: Unity on common ground for locals and visitors alike

Quote file: “National symbols are often the means by which international visitors first identify with a country.” – the department of arts and culture.

We are not the only country that has to deal with unruly crowd mentality. England’s football fans are synonymous with bad behavior and – dare I say it – taking their football fever a little too far. Then you have to consider that the two batches of bad eggs might be in the same place at the same time, as 100 000 English soccer fans plan to attend the World Cup here in South Africa. Just half of today’s good news bulletin is that authorities in South Africa are mindful of this. Did you know that England has a specially tasked force of Football Police? South African national police commissioner General Bheki Cele says that he and his team are working closely with their British counterparts to ensure that these green street hooligans are not allowed to get here and spoil the occasion for everybody.

More good news: the shelves that are intended to stock World Cup merchandise are currently standing empty. This is not a Zimbabwean empty, this is a “wow people are buying into this effort” empty. If you consider that Shoprite says its response to promotional gear is better than anything they have seen in 30 years, you have a loud and resounding “YES!” when asking if South Africans are ready to Diski! And what with the department of arts and culture urging people to up the stakes and proudly flaunt their national pride during the World Cup, it looks like demand for stock is set to sustain itself. Economic boom in any shape or form is good to enjoy, and is a clear-as-day reason to be in South Africa right now. And yes, although the warning of crime and hooliganism might be grave subject matter, it is the safety and welfare of an audience we bid for and proudly won, that we are concerned about. We as a nation want the very best experience for locals and visitors alike. Shop. Support. And be safely merry!

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