72/100: More than just a World Cup venue. It’s what we call home

It follows you wherever you go. At home, in your car, on your jog, or in the bar… it offers you friends when you might be low on some, gives you the gossip and the news, or even just some fun. Best of all – it’s FREE! Radio. It’s yours to pick – on the dial, all the time – and there is plenty to choose from. South African radio offers a cross section of our culture and caters to the diverse needs of the same group. Whether you are, ‘like… hangin by the mountain bru…’ or ‘chillin with yo chinas in Jozi’, South Africa offers world class entertainment on the airwaves to rival anywhere else on the planet that is willing to compete. Big news today for local radio talent Jeremy Mansfield is his announcement that he will voice a character for Disney’s “Toy Story 3”. Another coup for South African talent and putting our name where it belongs – in lights.

We have compiled 72 reasons to date on why you should be in South Africa right now. If you still need further proof, mark this page to your favourites and keep reading. But with Danny Jordaan assuring us that 90 percent of the 3 million tickets up for sale have been sold, the clock is ticking and you might just be running out of time. From Johannesburg – the largest man made forest in the world and the world’s largest city not situated on a river, lake or coastline – to Cape Town’s Table Mountain and its place as one of the most multicultural cities in the world; plus the more than one hundred reasons in between… this is your chance. It’s more than just a venue for the World Cup. It’s what we call home. And you are cordially invited.

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