78/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: We create a fantastic atmosphere

I had to smile when I heard about how Thailand’s coach had referred to the Vuvuzela as Bafana Bafana’s 12th player. Bryan Robson says that communicating with his team over the deafening roar of 30 000 Vuvuzela’s at the new World Cup stadium in Nelspruit yesterday was no easy feat. This is very interesting considering that international counterparts tried to have the support instrument banned after last year’s Confederation Cup. Thankfully, they didn’t, and this is exactly what Carlos Parreira was talking about when he asked for the nation to get behind Bafana Bafana. After 30 000 fans and a 4 – 0 win over Thailand, just imagine what the roar of 90 000 enthusiastic trumpeters could do for the team.

A little further afield than Nelspruit are villages that are being targeted for care by World Cup sponsor MTN. The cell phone network provider has committed to an impressive CSI initiative that will deliver a mobile healthcare unit to rural communities aimed at disease prevention, treatment, care and support. The MTN SA Foundation has already met and seen to case studies from the Fort Beaufort community in the Eastern Cape. Dwellers had the opportunity to be screened for lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and HIV. This is a fine example of how World Cup involvement leverages the benefit of those a little less fortunate, a little farther out, and proves that the success of this event is already having a positive knock-on effect throughout South Africa. Two great news examples and more pro’s on your list to be here. Are you on your way yet?

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