80/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: Putting smiles on 49 million faces

I know people who usually couldn’t be further from being called a sports fan and even they are whistling a different tune lately. So excited and so ready! And it doesn’t matter too much that they might have woken up a little late ticket-wise, because the coverage of the World Cup looks set to be so impressive that not a moment could be missed – even if you tried. There is a 24-hour channel specially allocated to all the action – in both normal and high definition options. Fans can watch 64 matches live and pick a language they feel most comfortable with; from English to Afrikaans and Sesotho to isiZulu. For those a little far from a television set (and under the strict rule of a miserable boss), you can use the instrument your reading this on to keep up. Both internet and mobile channels are being fully utilised with live streaming on the former and breaking news with Flash applications to the later.

More than ample viewing opportunities for a keen audience, and we know we have just that! Proof is in the response to the Nedbank Cup final – an absolute sell out! Sure, people are super excited to see that game, but I have a hunch that a lot can be said for seeing the venue. Soccer City is the last of the World Cup venues to be officially opened, after its massive overhaul and reinvention. With three seating tiers, 230 stylish private boxes, 184 suites, 32 turnstiles and more parking than you know what to do with, it’s no wonder the fans are keen to check out this architectural feat for themselves! And do you know what the best part about all this is? It’s ours. It’s happening right here within the borders of our exquisite country. South Africa. So much opportunity spread across breathtaking landscapes, vivid cult’ures and the smiles on 49 million faces. You’re invited.

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