84/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: The hybrid blend of boere music and vuvuzela’s

I am still battling to catch my breath after this weekend… and for anyone who may have been hiding under a rock somewhere, there were enough reasons to feel good about being in South Africa in the last 48 hours to fill your cup with – and boy would it spilleth over?! History was made in Orlando this weekend as our Rugby teams played to a hybrid blend of boere music and vuvuzela’s; a concoction that worked for them – and then some! More than a logistical dress rehearsal, the game also proved that fans are fans wherever they come from. The camaraderie was evident and displayed beautifully across an assortment of South Africans as rich as the soundtrack they created. The success of the weekend means that the most prized possession in southern hemisphere inter-provincial rugby is one that will remain on our shores and the contest for the Super 14 trophy is a proudly South African affair.

Nelson Mandela put it as eloquently as always when he said; “The World Cup will help unify people…”. Looking back on this weekend and how South Africans came together for their nation is proof that we are ready to do so again and again in the weeks to come (and hopefully sustain it thereafter). Sepp Blatter said; “Life is rhythm, football is rhythm and I feel the rhythm when I am in South Africa.” With the noise we are capable of making, can you blame him? It’s getting louder… and with only 17 days to go, the volume looks set to stay on full ball. Feel the rhythm. Ke Nako.

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