90/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: We are the way forward

It still amazes me at what people choose to tune into when they talk World Cup, South Africa and what’s to come of this long walk to fruition / doom-and-gloom. In case you’ve just ’tuned in’ – this section of this blog on Travelstart between Bridget McNulty and all fruition, no gloom! With a fortnight to go, I am proud that we have been able to sustain the positivity and that we show no signs of slowing down. As you sleepily sip coffee on this Sunday morning, let me share another collection of facts to fuel your feel-good fever on why the World Cup makes being South African, and in South Africa, great!

World Cup ticket sales are now officially at 97%. Since April 15th, ticket sales have seen their highest surge in demand in the last day. Nothing wrong with late bloomers. If they’re keen, they’re cool! Petrol price drops 27c at Midnight on Tuesday and will stay that way until at least July 14th. This means locals and tourists will profit from the cut – one way or another. The Vuvuzela is staying (unless it is used in a violent way of course)! Even though the roar of that many instruments may have been underestimated – something I now bill as South Africa’s 12th man – FIFA has declined once more to ban them and is now simply contemplating a back-up plan; to hand out ear plugs at the stadiums. Decision to come after opening match. And if the World Cup specifics were starting to make your eyes swim, there’s more than just soccer news to fill your boots with; local tennis star Charnelle Scheepers has reached the final 16 of the women’s singles of the French Open at Roland Garros in the city of luuurve – Paris. Keep smiling South Africa. We are the way forward.

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