96/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: Together we are one

We don’t fear you. Four special words that motivate Bafana Bafana. ”You don’t need the slogan ‘Asibasabi’ (we don’t fear you) because everybody should be afraid of you,” said Sepp Blatter at a dinner with our team. “To Bafana Bafana, I say go and play for South Africa, go and play for the African continent.”  How do you not get goosebumps at the thought of that and the legacy that these and the upcoming days will become in future history books – no matter which way this goes? Stick with the mantra though I say; sustained focus has a proven track record and there is no room for error on this journey. South Africa is behind the team and we are united in our front. Government spokesman Themba Maseko agrees when he says that, in Johannesburg, we are beginning to count the number of cars without flags. And we are.

Megawatt good news is, it is now being said that Madiba will garner his good forces and be at the opening ceremony game. What better way to spiral down on our good news countdown than with precisely this? Such a pivotal part in so much celebrated South African sport is this charismatic legend, that ‘Asibasabi’ might not be necessary after all. And on another note: An interesting twister of info is that FIFA has blocked Aids organisations in their efforts to get health education and “protection” into stadiums… we’re keeping this blog tidy so I am not going to say more than; let’s face it – there is going to be a lot of celebration going on…! Why block these efforts? And, to throw a small spanner in the works about the World Cup anthem, I found these lyrics moving – for all the right reasons! The Commonwealth Games of 2006 used a song that, if you ask me, couldn’t be closer lyrically to our story if it tried. “Here we are / Sharing our lives / We made it through / The good and bad times / And still we stand / With hope in our hearts / No matter what / We will play our part … Put our differences behind us / While we shine like the sun / See what we’ve all become / Together we are one.” Have a listen! What do you think? Tick tock, tick tock. Five more sleeps… it really is here.

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