98/100 reasons to be in South Africa in 2010: South Africa is incentive enough for me

Nothing like a fervent warning said with a smile to intimidate even the most focused opponent. Carlos Parreira warned Bafana opponents to “underestimate his charges at their own peril” throughout the course of the upcoming World Cup. And with the promise of R3.5m and a brand new Mercedes to Bafana players – if they win the World Cup – I think those guys are going out onto the pitch with nothing but one thought in mind: to WIN! The sentiments people are gushing these days are very definitely hopeful and (almost) 49 million people are sure Bafana Bafana will get a lot further than previously anticipated. What more good news is there than what we see around us these days? People smiling, getting involved and talking one Proudly South African language!

If pressed, I would list the following: Magical Madiba spent time with the team! Need I say more? Shakira has arrived to ready herself to sing “Waka Waka” with local muso’s Freshly Ground.  South African Portuguese fans arrived en masse to welcome their team at OR Tambo yesterday and followed them in convoy all the way to their hotel. Patriotic support like that has to be respected! Bafana Bafana beat Denmark 1 – 0 on Saturday and kept them from scoring a goal. Out players seem unstoppable, and why shouldn’t they be? People who never thought they would are going to see places like Chapman’s Peak, the Knysna Lagoon, the Apartheid Museum, Camps Bay, Durban beachfront, the Magaliesberg and more (you know the list is endless!). In four days, we kick off what we have spent a hundred talking about. Just another reason to smile about being here now. Ke Nako! It’s time!

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