A black star shines brighter than all

Ghana supporters

Picture from StewieD

Last week watching the game between Ghana and the USA and in all the days surrounding this game and this great World Cup event, I have been reminded of something incredible, the immense capability and passion which Africa embodies.

Now while America put on one of the cleanest performances seen yet this tournament, lacking all drama and melodrama so typical of the Southern European big names in football, they were a little outclassed by the fitter, more agile Ghanaian players. As Africa’s last hope this World Cup, it was fantastic to see this remarkable team leave their impression on the competition.

Following watching the game at home, myself and a friend made our way down to Long St here in Cape Town, we had initially wanted to find somewhere quiet to have a drink (I don’t know why we thought Long St would be a good idea for that), but the mood we encountered was infectious! A spontaneous party broke out right in the middle of the street, with Vuvuzelas, bongo drums and Ghanaian flags, people were chanting “Ayoba” and dancing around.

Seeing Africans come together like this was quite moving, most of the people in the crowd were not themselves Ghanaian, they were from other African countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. There were even Americans who were joining in celebrating Africa’s passion and success.

Check out this video of the party which unfolded:

Africa is the place to be!

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