A day at the VnA Waterfront

Whilst visiting friends of mine in Cape Town, I got the opportunity to spend the day at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. It is a great tourism destination in South Africa and if you’ve got a few hours to spare it is definitely worth checking out.

VnA Waterfront, as it is fondly known, not only has some great entertainment offerings, it is a shopper’s dream too. You’ll find just about any store, including stalls where you can catch great bargains for your pounds or dollars, but for the locals, the prices of items can be steep.

Vna_waterfront With a rather European air to it, the Waterfront is home to a rather unruly crowd down at the docks. Who may these hooligans be you ask? Well it’s the seal flock that calls the docks at the habour their home.These smelly characters show off for local tourists and are protected by the local National Sea Rescue Institute which has their own offices and trading store at the Waterfront.

There are two main attractions at the Waterfront that you should check out. One of them being the Two Oceans Aquarium and the other being the Nelson Mandela Gateway Museum. At the latter is where you can organise your tours to the prestigious and legendary Robben Island where Madiba, himself, spent 27 years of his life imprisoned on the island.

A real treat is stop you just have to make at Harry’s Pancakes near the Clock Tower on the east side of the Waterfront. People flock to Harry’s in their droves and I tasted the reason why when I got my chance to eat real homemade pancakes there. Just about any filling will because their all scrumptious but I’m a chocolate lover so off course only one filling will do, and that’s the pancake with choc ice cream with hot chocolate sauce. It’ll be the yummiest thing you’ve ever tasted 😉

Our Readers Comments

  1. Whenever I go to Cape Town I too enjoy a visit to the Waterfront. In late Nov 2007, shortly before the school holidays, a colleague & I went to Quay 4, where he ordered chicken livers and I mushrooms as starters. The waiter returned to advise they had none and the manager later came to apologise as he said there “contracted food supplier” had recently been changed and they still had to finalise the delivery schedule in respect of frequency of delivery of certain items. I said to him that whilst I understand what he said, from his restaurant I was able to walk to food stores “Pick’n’Pay” etc., and I was sure that I could obtain the ingrediants – namely chicken livers and mushrooms there. He replied with they are contracted to a supplier, to which I replied that I was not contracted to a restaurant and therefore I would move on. I however felt sorry for the manager. He was young and I felt that he had no sense of loss from us moving on. I wonder if he appreciates that on my next visit to CT, where we were a group of 20 from Namibia, Botswana, and Johannesburg, I vetoed the suugestion from the Cape Town based host to go to Quay 4 and told all of that previous experience. Cape Town and the Waterfront are beautiful tourist attractions, there needs however to be an acceptance that the establishments are not there as a right to themselves, but as a service to those visiting, and I believe Cape Townians sometimes forget that.

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