A Little Sip of Mexico in Japan

Agave in Tokyo. Photo: www.agave.jp

When you travel often, you notice venues that fit perfectly into their surroundings.  The beachside bungalow bars of Hawaii; the noodle shops in Vietnam; the sidewalk cafes of Western Europe.  And then there are the places that stand out from the crowd, one culture in stark contrast to another.  Harry’s American Bar in Paris is an example, but with droves of Americans visiting Paris each year, it’s no real stretch.  But Mexican food in Japan?  A tequila bar in Tokyo?  That’s enough to attract the attention of even the most seasoned traveler.

The aptly-named Agave in Tokyo is a Mexican bar and restaurant, serving up Mexican food, cigars and an astonishing 300-plus brands of tequila.  And unlike “theme bars,” which base their business on tacky themes rather than quality goods and services, Agave is the real deal.  The food and drinks are spiked with traditional Mexican flavors, and the Latin music and artwork depicting historical Mexican figures further set the scene.

Drinkers who can’t stomach straight tequila can opt for Mexican beers, wines and fresh cocktails, including margaritas, mojitos and daiquiris.  The assorted menu features snacks and appetizers from nachos to tacos to stuffed jalapenos.

With so many bars and restaurants in Tokyo, a traveler could spend a year eating and drinking at different spots each day without making a dent.  The variety and quality of Japanese food alone is enough to keep most travelers—and residents—happy, but travelers looking for something a little different would do well to check out Agave, the authentic Mexican oasis nestled under the bright lights of Tokyo.

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