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This is a meeting place for people who love travel! For us at Travelstart, travel is a lifestyle and a mindset that is about exploring the wonders of life.

Travelstart is dedicated to bringing you inspiration and showcasing destinations from a creative and visually artistic perspective. The content you will discover on our street is a mix of everything we come across from different corners of the world. We have a team of correspondents who roam the world in search of intriguing and remote things to report about, such as the latest fashion trends in Brazil, where to get the best cocktails in Sydney, hot shopping spots in London, secret art galleries in New York City – you name it!

Some say the world has shrunk as a result of the Internet making us more interconnected. What an amazing time we live in! We can now read about and explore others experiences in real time- but if you’re a true traveler by heart, you don’t settle for that…watching and reading makes your mouth water, but you’d much rather go and experience it yourself. Our mission is to give you cool updates and sneak peaks from all over the globe. And when you’re ready to go, you know where to get the best deals and the sweetest customer service – www.travelstart.co.za

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