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Hotel Formula 1's new cocoon-concept room

Hotel Formula 1's new cocoon-concept room

Finding a clean, affordable place to sleep when visiting a new city can be a seriously hit-and-miss affair. Jozi, like cities everywhere, has its fair share of misnomer accommodation options.

If you’re wondering where to find best-priced rooms in Jozi, then check out Hotel Formula 1’s signature cocoon-concept rooms, available at OR Tambo International Airport, north Sandton, and now Berea.

The Hotel Formula 1’s cocoon-concept is at the cutting edge of low-cost hospitality. At 12.5m², the room is  what you’d call ‘cosy’, with soft lighting and contemporary décor in shades of chrome, off-white and lemongrass.

Central to the design of the cocoon concept room is a functional floor-to-ceiling panel, or totem, that divides the ablution facilities from the sleeping area, with a work surface on one side, and the basin on the other.

Hotel Formula 1 strives to be environmentally conscious, so the shower and toilet is water-efficient, the LED lighting is motion activated, and the energy-efficient air-conditioning switches off automatically when you’re not around.

All rooms have a flat screen TV with plug-and-play options, DSTV (satellite TV) and Wi-Fi. A double-glazed window ensures the ‘pod’ is soundproof, while laminate flooring also helps to damp-out sound.

Rounded corners and surfaces ensure that when you do the sideways-shuffle (and you will), a close encounter with the furniture won’t be too painful; and so long as you pack like an ascetic monk, your suitcase will fit under the bed. There’s even a wee bit of space to hang your clothes.

A new card security system ensures that no one can nip into your capsule and nick stuff whilst you’re trying to solve the ergonomics of how to bend down in the shower to retrieve the soap you dropped…

Selected rooms have a bunk above the double bed, so you could sleep 3 to a room, but whatever you do, don’t invite a basketball player or a weight-watchers dropout to spend the night. The rooms’ designers clearly had Leonardo’s Vitruvian man in mind when they planned the sleeping area.

The cocoon concept was two years in the making, and won the 2008 European Design Awards in the category of Best Interior Design.

If you’re a mod-con loving, budget-conscious, or frequent traveller, in need of a decent doss-house in Jozi for a few nights, even considering the cocoon’s space constraints, R399 for 1 to 3-person room, per night, is good value.

Moreover, in these best-priced rooms in Jozi, you can earn a few carbon credits at the same time.

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  1. I wud love to visit formular 1 hotel next saturday so i wnt to knw how much will it b per night.thank you

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      You welcome to contact our direct sales team at: where one of our Travel Experts will get back to you with a quote within 2 working days. Let them know your exact dates of travel and what you are looking for and they will gladly assist. Have a great day!

  2. May u please tell me aprice on my email i want to book a hotel next to germiston gauteng for couple pleas email me detailas befor 3rd december

    • Hi Cyble,

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      Should you wish to get a quote on a hotel you welcome to go directly onto our website: – click on hotels and do the necessary search you are looking for.

      Alternatively you welcome to contact our direct sales team where one of our Travel Experts would love to assist with a quote. You can e-mail them at: with all your details / what you are looking for an a consultant will revert back with a quote within 2 working day.

  3. I m looking for accomodation for school learner for first friday of october, a cheaper one

    • Hi Tshidi,

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      Travelstart specialize in 3 – 5 star hotels, if this is what you are looking for we have a group of Travel Experts which would love to assist with accommodation. You are welcome to contact them on letting them know what exactly you looking for and they will get back to you with a quote within 2 working days. Alternatively you can contact them on
      021 468 4300

      Have a great day!


  5. I just want the accomodation for tonight, Saterday, Sunday,please let me know as soon as possible that how can email back or call on 011 704 4293 ask for Maggie.

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