The Adventuresome Traveller’s Guide

Adventure travel has been a thrilling experience many travellers have been seeking for thousands of years. But there is something about being thrown off a 321 meter bridge with only an elastic band around your ankle for safety, or skiing along the steepest mountain peaks that makes some people feel most alive.

Adventure Traveller
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Experience endless thrilling adventures with Travelstart

Enthusiasts are constantly finding new and exciting adventures of unmatched adrenaline peaks and we want to share these heart wrenching escapes with you. Adventure Travel is the exciting new category Travelstart is introducing to our comprehensive Traveller’s Guide. In addition we feature a range of tailor-made travelling categories from which to choose.

Adventure Traveller
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Impeccable adventure travel

Adventure travel research was conducted in order to provide every adventure buff with the many undeniable high-octane ventures this world has to offer. Life is short and it is easy to get caught-up with things that consume our valuable time and before you know it a year has passed by and there would be no cherished memory that we can look back on.
Paulo Coelho stated perfectly that “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal”. Live your life, explore new destinations today and allow your wanderlust to run like wildfire through your bones where you are creating everlasting memories instead of just living.

Adventure Traveller
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Never Stop Travelling

Adventure is the seventh holiday type that has been introduced. There are many more travel categories which will be revealed in the upcoming months, so stay connected to our social media channels or visit the Traveller’s Guide for updates on the many exciting plans we have just for you.

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