An Experience of a Lifetime

On your next visit to Cape Town, don’t forget to include a trip to Gansbaai to experience Great Whites on a whole new level with Great White Shark Tours.

After a continental breakfast and a briefing we set out to sea. A few minutes offshore the anchor was dropped and the excitement began. We waited not even half an hour when the first shark made an appearance. The 1st group jumped into their wetsuits (not as easy as seen on TV) and was ready to enter the cage  …dahdumdahdumdahdum

Each group was in the cage for approximately 20 minutes and experienced the Great Whites up close and very personal. A feeling that is totally indescribable. Thankfully there was more than enough time for a second round. The excitement on board was great that there was no time for fear or anxiety. Once in the cage, you feel completely safe.

As the day neared an end, we bid the Great Whites farewell, the cage was hoisted back in and we set off to view the seal colony at Dryer Island.

The day was ended in high spirits with a replay of the DVD shot on board and a warm cup of hot chocolate in hand.

It is a once in a lifetime experience and recommendable to anyone!

Great White Shark Tours
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