Anecdotal stories from international flights: Where’s the bathroom?

On a long international flight about an hour and half away from landing, I was in the back galley preparing for our last service.  I see a lady walk down the aisle to the back galley.  She was wearing traditional head to toe one piece clothing, called different things in different places.  She walked to the back galley, looked around, then wandered back to her seat.

Five minutes later, I see her in the back galley once again.  She, once again, walked around, looked around, then walked back up the aisle, back to her seat.  For the next forty minutes, she continued to do the exact same thing.  Walked up and down the aisle, and eventually ended up back in her seat.

I started having questionable thoughts as to what she was doing.  On a plane seeing something like that, you start to wonder what is going on.  What is she looking for, or perhaps, what is she trying to do.

I was standing in the galley but looking out into the aisle when once again, she comes wandering down the aisle towards the back galley.  Before reaching me and still in the aisle, she stops suddenly, lifts up her clothing and…pees…in…the…aisle. o_o

I quickly waved for her to come to the galley and led her into the bathroom and showed her how to use it.  It ended up that during the last forty minutes of her walking up and down the aisle, it was because she couldn’t find the bathroom.

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