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Travelstart loves travel. Did we even have to tell you?

Every day, Travelstarters bring up their travel experiences around the water cooler and on our awesome rooftop garden, and tell some of the memorable, exciting – and sometimes nerve-racking times they’ve had after taking a flight to their favourite place.

We love these stories so much that we wanted to hear more of them. We figured no better way to get some great stories than to give away 2 free flight tickets to a fan of Travelstart who gives us the best response. To make sure we get some great entries and also to make sure others get to see them, we want South African travellers to catalogue their story online.

How do I enter?

Your travel story should be between 300-1000 words and be about any travel experience you’ve had regardless of airline or destination, and be written on your website. To enter, mention the Travelstart Blogger Experience Contest page – http://www.travelstart.co.za/blog/blogger-experience-contest – in your post, and e-mail the URL to competitions@travelstart.com. Stories must be submitted by 23:59pm on 15 August 2013, and we’ll pick one winner and publish the story on our blog.

Entrants will be judged by a panel of Travelstart employees, and will be considered based on realism, detail, writing style, photos, and overall, how well done the entry is. Bloggers are limited to one post per entry.

Winners will be announced on 22 August. Check this blog post as well as the Travelstart Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you want to daydream, check out the flight options on our cheap flights page.

Best of luck and happy travels!

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  • Bookings will be processed maximum 1 month prior and a minimum of 7 working days prior to departure.
  • Changes are permitted 48hrs before ticketing, once tickets are issued no changes are permitted.
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  • Travel to be completed by 15 Oct 2013.
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Our Readers Comments

  1. am just speechless right now…flying with airlink is just awesome

  2. I was 9 years old when my aunt invited me to come live with her in, Washington D.C. USA. Off course, she being my favourite aunt I accepted the invitation. I hadn’t been exposed to much at that age and I thought USA was in South Africa. Being from Swaziland, when ever someone was travelling they would always go to South Africa, therefore I have never heard of any other places. I asked my mom, “how long does it take to get to America. She replied “3 days sweety”. I was shocked, and thought how am I going to spend three days in a car!?!?! Later on I told my eldest sister that I don’t want to go because its 3driving days. She laughed, and she pulled out an Atlas and explained and pointed to me saying, “No silly, you can’t drive to America, you have to fly using a plane,starting from Swaziland» Johannesburg» England» Washington! Its 2 + days with few hour breaks to catch different flights in between!” From that moment I had all sorts of imagination of the unknown world to me and was really frightened. To my surprise when I flew out the first time, I didn’t cry I wasn’t scared but I definately was anxious! I didn’t sleep for 48 hours! I have to say pilots are awesome, the fact that they can lift up a whole plane up and bring it back down safely! Love it!

    • Hi Senelisiwe,

      Thanks for your submission… I too have much respect for pilots. You do have to post this on your own blog/website with a link to Travelstart in order to qualify for entry into the competition.

      Cheers, 🙂


  3. Entered!

    Sent my link Via email.

  4. Hi there,
    Is it a requirement for the travel story to be newly published on the blog ?

    • Hey Raeesah, it’s not a requirement of the competition. Good luck!

    • Is one limited to just one post/ entry? Can one enter a post that has already been used?

    • Bloggers are limited to one post per entry. You may enter a post that has already been used on your own blog.

  5. Can I send an entry via email?

    • Hi Tanya,

      You have to post this on your own blog/website with a link to Travelstart in order to qualify for entry into the competition.

      Cheers, 🙂


  6. It was my first year out of school and I could think of no better way to end the year off, than to travel.

    My best friend,Monty was living in the Netherlands so I booked a ticket to three destinations. The first flight was to Holland for 8 unforgettable 8 days. 8 Days of uncontrollable laughing fits, meeting so many new people, falling, slipping, sliding, eating, partying.

    Now for those of you that have never been. The Netherlands can get quite crazy to say the least, I was actually overwhelmed with such beautiful diversity-People, food, culture, history.

    Monty was quite the organized one, when I arrived she was waiting for me, she had written down a whole list that she wanted to do with me so that I could get the full experience. She got me a whole bunch of things, a Netherlands survivor kit! On our third day, We decided that we were going to catch a tram from Den Haag to the train station so that we could venture into the capital, Amsterdam. It was a – 11 Degrees Celsius, cold and icy but nothing could stop two adventure bunnies from a good old Jol.

    We were finally ready to hit the road. We had about a 10 minute walk from the apartment to the nearest tram station.

    Now the traffic situation is a bit different in Holland. There are cyclist lanes as well as for cars and pedestrians. A bit confusing to get used to.

    It was a blessing to have Monty with me as she knew her way around.

    As we were arriving the station. We saw a tram pull up but we still had a few roads to cross as well as a few ducks and dives.

    We managed to avoid slipping and finally got to the tram railway.

    We jumped down onto the track to save some time, as I was jumping up onto the platform, I completely missed my footing, my foot hooked the rail and I face planted( ate concrete) the platform… Monts was already in the tram. When I didn’t arrive she jumped off to see where I had gotten to.

    By this time I was in absolute stitches. Holland got to my head. Life was so much fun. Nothing could get me down. I got helped up to my feet, Monique checked my mouth, She was like’ Vix, you are all good. Just a bust( Cut) lip’. So I felt around my teeth with my tongue to make sure there was no damage. I could feel that something was not right. I asked her to check again. What Monty had failed to see was that two of my teeth next to my fronts had been hacked off. I looked like a Sabre tooth tiger. It was hilarious.

    We were still so eager to get to Amsterdam though, that we contemplated just waiting for the next tram and sorting it all out when we got back.

    Thankfully, SENSE got the better of us and we decided to go sort it out first. Monty was Au Pairing a family that were quite well known around Den Haag as the Au pair Mom’s Dad’ used to be the Mayor of the town.

    We booked an appointment and managed to catch the next train out.

    Needless to say we had the time of our lives. A time I will never forget.

    I sent a picture to my family just to let them see the damage and my sister replied saying that I looked like the shark ‘BRUCE’ from ‘Finding Nemo’. I got it fixed when I got back to Den Haag for 20 Euro- cheap as chips.

    Travel teaches you so much. To never let anything get you down. It is an adventure, to learn, live, love.

    If you get lost, do not panic, turn around and try again.

    If you get lonely, go out and meet new people.

    If you get homesick, remember that nothing at home has changed. It will all be exactly as you remembered it.

    Savor every moment you get. We only have one opportunity to make life count.

    I would not change a single moment of my life, I live for new experiences to change, grow and learn.

    I further on carried out my trip to the United Kingdom to see family for 5 weeks as well as a trip to Paris for 3 days. My journey had so many more laughs and a few mishaps that just make it worth it.

    I did the rest of the trip on my own. Do not be afraid to take that leap of faith. It will all work out in the end.

    I also got in trouble for having ‘PEPPER SPRAY’ in my possession at Heathrow airport-which is supposedly the same as having a gun! SILLY! Something that I was unaware of. Again a lesson I learnt, They however understood that I was a girl travelling the world and that having spray at home is something quite common. I was still however escorted out of the airport like I was living the thug life, I got my mug shot, DNA swop, Finger print taken but NO charge to my name. The cops took me under there wing and helped me out a lot. It was a blessing to me and I will never forget that day.

    Here is to a whole life long of travel. The best is yet to come.

    XXX Victoria

    • Hi Senelisiwe,

      Thanks for your submission… Please note you do have to post this on your own blog/website with a link to Travelstart in order to qualify for entry into the competition.

      Cheers, 🙂


  7. Submitted the URL to my story, holding thumbs 😉

  8. Aaah, just noticed this competition now. If I enter by 23:59 on 14 August, am I still eligible?

    • Sid – yes, you will still be eligible

  9. Hi there

    We can submit until 11:59 pm on 15 August, is that right?

    • Hi Sara,

      That’s right. Good luck!

  10. Please, let me know, if the competition still going on? I also want to share my experience.

  11. Let me know if you do another competition like this please.

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