Bride takes on ‘I Hate Thomas Cook’ as last name

Thomas Cook Plane

Picture from Air Babble.

A woman from Whitton in the UK has changed her name from Austin Kettle to Lorraine Darla I Hate Thomas Cook and its Associates Big Shot Company Treading on the Little Guy Leeks. She decided to do so after she was told to pay a change fee for her honeymoon booking she had made in her married name. She then realised that she would not have time to change her passport into her married name, so she called Thomas Cook, one of the biggest Tour Operators in the UK, to change her name in the reservation. The Thomas Cook employee advised her that she would have to pay a change fee to do so. The future Mrs Leeks ( I won’t repeat her entire name as it is simply to long) reacted by changing her name including her first name using the Legal Deed Poll Service in the UK. She said that she “wasn’t angry with Thomas Cook– at first a bit upset, but it was just a bit of a crazy moment and I decided to do it. I think my fiancé thinks I’m crazy. The amusing thing is that he will have to say my new name during the wedding ceremony”.   Well me and him. What happened to a bit of yelling down the phone at the call centre employee and demanding to speak to their supervisor?  Writing a letter to the customer service department is usually a very effective option as well. I have to admit that changing her name this way is very original although I think it is doing Thomas Cook more good than bad. I  mean any publicity is good publicity, right? And Mrs Leeks, or whatever her name will be is stuck with a name that I’m not sure will fit in her passport. Good thing that her fiancé won’t have to take on her name after their wedding, otherwise he might have some second thoughts.

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