Brooklyn Pride focuses on marriage

During June there are several different Pride events happening in New York City with the big festival of Manhattan as the grand finale at the end of the month. But before then all the boroughs are celebrating their own pride and last Saturday the turn had come to Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Pride has had bad luck with the weather during the last few years and 2009 was no different. In the middle of the afternoon the rain started pouring down, and of course that affected the number of visitors.

But the organisers kept the energy level going, mostly around the tent area where food and clothes were sold and a lot of information booths were set up. The main campaign on the agenda was of course the same sex marriage issue that is currently a hot potatoe in New York. The reason is that the city is very liberal and the big gay community there is demanding their rights, on the other hand large areas upstate are much more conservative and are voting against it.

One of the organisations concentrating on this issue is MENY, Marriage Equality New York, and they tried to explain how complicated the law is and how it is affecting them. In reality they will only have the exact same rights as other couples when a law allowing same sex marriages gets to the federal level. As long as it’s only allowed state by state the discrimination will in part continue.

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