Building Bridges

Earlier this week, Priya Raghavan & I met with a truly inspi.jpgrational
lady, Bridget McNulty.  Bridget
& her partner, Mark Peddle are heading off on an incredible adventure
throughout South-East Asia spreading awareness about diabetes & life

The pair are concentrating on developi.jpgng third-world countries where the
knowledge is sparse, or non-existent 
& their aim is to educate the local population on the importance to
spot the early symptoms of diabetes with the need to seek medical treatment
& a change of lifestyle.

Priya & I learnt the differences between level 1 & 2 diabetes,
where level 1 is genetic, but not hereditary, & level 2 is developed due to
lifestyle, which include poor diet & lack of exercise.

Bridget will be keepi.jpgng the Travelstart world fully informed &
entertained throughout her journey with informative & fun multimedia updates
via her Blog.

Travelstart is proud to announce that we have sponsored Bridget &
Mark’s air tickets for this mission, which will not only benefit areas, which
do not have access to this vital information, but will highlight the compassion
& expertise we have here in South Africa.


Read Bridget's first official post on the Sweet Life Blog

Our Readers Comments

  1. You make us sound very noble! But we are passionate about showing the positive side of diabetes, and we hope the website will be able to reach a lot of people who need a bit of inspiration about their chronic condition…

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