Bungee Jumping Soweto Style

Justin Bungee Jumping in Soweto

If you are feeling adventurous..then you have to visit the Orlando Cooling Towers in Soweto, Johannesburg. It is fantastic!

A few weeks ago it was my boyfriend Justin’s birthday…he is not easy to buy a gift for so I decided that I would take him bungee jumping in Soweto. We have both bungeed before but I know that he wanted to do it in his hometown Jozi. So we set out yesterday with our best friend in tow.

When you get to the Cooling Towers the vibe is fab. The music is blaring and the young and funky local staff make you feel welcome.

The cooling towers themselves are painted beautifully with images of Soweto, from the black Madonna of Regina Mundi to Nelson Mandela. It is well worth a visit just to see the art. Built in the 1950’s the cooling towers were once part of the Orlando Power Station which for the Brits looks a lot like the Tate Modern.

Now the towers offer Bungee jumping (my boyfriend loved it!), power and internal swings, abseiling, rap and base jumping, paintballing and rock climbing…there is something for every adventure junkie.

The fantastic view from the Cooling Towers

There is also a great restaurant at the towers called Chaf Pozi (it apparently means our secret place) where you can grab a beer or some shisa nyama (braai or barbecue for the non locals) and play some pool.

All in all..a great afternoon out! I can’t recommend it enough. Just get their early to avoid a wait!

Contact Details:

Orlando Cooling Towers

Opening Hours:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am to Sunset

Site Office: 071 674-4343


Chaf Pozi- 072 629 6640

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