Calling all Angels!

The Travelstart Angels gathered in the boardroom to have their first official meeting and in true Angel’s style, the meeting commenced with a round of giggles, excitement and laughter.

It quickly became apparent that our first planning meeting was turning into one serious brain storming session, with Charlene, Diana and I gaspi.jpgng out ideas, each one leading on to something more grand and exciting! Thirty minutes & four pages of furious scribblings later, a plan of sorts started to emerge.

Even though the three of us are the driving force behind this initiative, our aim is to ensure that it belongs to all Travelstarters.  Through this whole process, it became apparent that other Travelstarters were already involved with various charity drives that are close to their hearts.  So we want to see our platform as being a springboard for all Travelstarters to promote their charities – to this end we will be implementing the Charity of the Month drive.

Our first Charity of the Month will be Nanette McDonald’s Tygerberg Cancer Ward – calling on all Travelstarters to do their yearly magazine spring-cleaning and bring all their old magazines to help us put a smile on someone’s face during their difficult time.

More on the Tygerberg Cancer Ward to come!

Angels out.

Our Readers Comments

  1. As a new travelstarter I’m excited about this great initiative!

  2. Of course I´m in.
    Will bring something nice
    Pictures please

  3. Thank you Kim and Bridget – your donations will be greatly appreciated. I will write up a follow-up post once the drive has been completed.

  4. aha, it’s you! 🙂 will drop!!

  5. Hi Kim! So nice to see you here as well, I got the ecojot journals from you so you already know where to drop them off 🙂 But for anyone else who is interested in dropping off their old magazines, here is our address:
    7th Floor,
    56 Shortmarket Street,
    Cape Town central.

  6. What perfect timing! Mark and I have at least 100 magazines that we don’t want any more, and didn’t know what to do with! We’ll bring them in next week 🙂

  7. An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision. ~St Thomas Aquinas

  8. Maybe we should invite anyone to bring magazines – why only Travelstarters – we are right here in town? At least let you family and friends know so they can bring their magazines to you – the more the better! Thanks angels for being such stars!

  9. So proud of us, making the change that can help others. Pedro…you are right, we rock!!!

  10. Once again… goosebumps!

  11. This is fabulous – Angels you rock!

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