Cape Town Cooking School

Tucked away in the Pick n Pay headquarters in Kenilworth (Cape Town) is the Pick n Pay Good Food Studio – a simply marvellous cooking school.

Although the Good Food Studio has been around for years, it seems to be something of a hidden secret for all except a select group of older women, who make sure to take full advantage of all the courses, demos and classes on offer. I recently went to a cooking demo, and I’m now a certified fan. Want to know more?

First off, there are all kinds of classes, courses and demonstrations, for everyone from the very beginner cook to the advanced chef who wants to brush up on their skills. Learn how to make Mexican food, take advantage of South African ingredients, cook up a Spanish or Greek feast, or make salads into suppers. You can do a one-off class, which ends with the feast you’ve prepared, or an eight-week course (“Executive Survival” is their most popular – for all those who only know how to boil an egg, and aren’t even 100% sure about that). Or you can go to a demo – my personal favourite because you don’t have to do any of the hard work but you still get fantastic recipes, great tips and to taste all the food that has been prepared!

Although it might not be anywhere near one of the more glamorous things to do in Cape Town, it is pretty awesome to be able to get a taste of how to cook well with truly South African recipes and ingredients. Kelly and Carey are the masterminds behind the school, and their easy style and friendly manner make every experience a fabulous one. If you’re wanting to learn more about cooking in Cape Town, this is the place to go!

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  1. good for traveling

  2. what your rates

    • Hi Pieter,

      Great to hear from you.

      You welcome to contact Pick n Pay Good Food Studio. The link is provided in the blog. As this blog was posted in 2013 they studio will provide you with the most up to date rates.

  3. Hello,my name is Shiraaz I would like to know more how to cook and to know how much is price and when can I come. Thank

    • Hi Shiraaz,

      You welcome to contact them direct, and they will be able to assist in answering any questions you might have.

      Enjoy 🙂

  4. would love to know about your casual courses in baking and cooking for 2015

    • Hi Jean,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      On the blog it shows, “Tucked away in the Pick n Pay headquarters in Kenilworth (Cape Town) is the Pick n Pay Good Food Studio – a simply marvellous cooking school.” I have copied and pasted below the link given in the blog. Here you should be able to to get the necessary information on cooking course offered by the Pick n Pay Good Food Studio 🙂

      You also welcome to contact them direct on: 0800 11 22 88 and they should be able to assist with any queries you might have on cooking courses offered for 2015

  5. I would like to do a cooking course so that I can work in hospitality industry,I need the prizes,need to know when and where,thax

  6. hi! i need to know about prices i am intrested about this course i like cooking thanks.

  7. hi, my name is volnes i would like to know more how to cook and to know how much is price and when can i come?

  8. Please could you let me know if you run a cooking course specifically for house-keepers or if you have a beginners course.

    With thanks

  9. Im very interested in the executive cooking classes…please mail me the info. Very excited!!

  10. I am interested in doing a cooking course.also need to know if you have part-time courses and the times that courses are offered. can i get more information on this. thank you

  11. I am interested in doing a cooking course….also need to know if you have part-time courses…how do I register.


  12. hell im looking for cooking class for jan 2014 pls keep in touch if there is anything like that. and am good in cooking and i love cooking a lot so pls let me know when to start am in need really thanks

  13. Pls can u let me know if you have any basic cooking classes in Jan 2014?
    I have a son who wants to learn how to cook basic healthy meals for himself.

  14. I would like to know a bit more about the differant courses as I would like my son to learn how to cook. The Exective Survival course sounds good. Could you tell me where it is and when and how often and the price.
    Thank you

  15. Hi there

    I am interested in doing the Executive Survival cooking course. I am extremely passionate about cooking, but I am always interested to try or learn anything new.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

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