SA Epic Tour: Cape Town Stadium, first stop on our country-wide tour!

otherwise incorrectly known as Greenpoint Stadium

Our Cameraman Brad, shooting inside the stadium for ouur YouTube video blog

So finally last week, we set about filming the first of our many venues in South Africa to be used for the Football World Cup games, kicking off with the one in our back yard, Cape Town Stadium. It might not be the arena with the most imaginative and exciting name, but it sure has an extraordinary air and setting, something which catapults it into an epic and world class status.

Set atop an elevated piazza, upon ariving one is immediately overwhelmed by the sheer towering size of the structure shrouded in its off-white PVC canvass. Despite it’s mass the stadium is incredibly light and airy, were it not for the 96 000m³ concrete skeleton, the stadium would almost have temporary feel. The lightness is further enhanced by the mammoth glass roof and the 1 storey ring half-way up the stadium (at ground level) encircling it which has been left open, free of seats and stands, it is the main entrance/exit atrium for the stadium, allowing it’s 68 000 occupants to evacuate in a mere 15 minutes!

We got the privelege of being allowed on a media tour by Nick from Cape Town Tourism who gave a the run down on all the major facts and some great footage of the back areas like the press rooms, changing rooms and warm-up rooms where all those famous bodies will be readying themselves for the big games!

Designed to look like an abelone shell, the stadium is arguably one of the most beautiful in the world, but what really sets it apart is it’s striking setting, being nestled between the Waterfront and Signal Hill, the cheap seats high up on the stadium boast dramatic views of Table Mountain as well. Even if one is not the world’s biggest football fan, you can’t help but be absorbed by the splendour which accompanies the venues used to host these games, it is truly inspirational and makes this South African, a truly proud one!

Keep an eye out for our video blogs to be posted soon showcasing our amazing stadia and sights of this remarkable country! We are so excited about this and would love for you to follow us along the way through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and the Blog!

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