Competition feedback

Anne-Sophie just read through every single competition entry (twice!) to see what people answered to the question ‘how can we make our site better?’. We had more than 10,000 entries so it took quite a while.

Wow! you guys really know your stuff. There were some great suggestions.

We’ve compi.jpgled a list of the loose categories your suggestions fell into and added notes to let you know what we’ve got planned:

01. More advertising
[you’ll be seeing more soon, don’t worry!]

02. More colour and images
[At the moment we’re trying to keep the interface very clean, but there will be more photos and colour on the home page, the city pages and the newsletter]

03. Darker Blue/ Darker Grey
[We’re going to look into this]

04. More special offers and deals (including student deals)
[Our travel desk is always working behind the scenes to secure the best deals for you – we will be introducing specials to our home page in the near future. We will be introducing ‘dynamic packaging’ (hotels + flight deals) early next year too]

05. Newsletter
[It has been designed, we just need to find the time to code it, and fill it with great content]

06. Last minute deals
[When you search for a flight on Travelstart you access the lowest fair available at that time. Fare prices change all the time and you may well find a great deal by searching near the time you wish to fly]

07. Automatically search 3 day before and after date searched
[We are looking at this but the main problem is that we get charged for every query we make. We’d go out of business very quickly if we automatically searched for 3 days either side of the search date. We will be introducing a ‘Flexi Search’ soon – it will take cached results to show you what’s available – it’s quite complicated to explain, but it will be very cool, trust me]

08. Font size
[Currently we use the generously proportioned font size 12 for most copy, but you can always increase it yourself using your browser settings]

09. More competitions
[We’re going to keep them coming, don’t worry! The next one will be announced this coming Monday (27th Nov)]

10. Reviews (hotels/ cities)
[We’re working on this – hopefully it will be ready early next year]

11. Discussion forum
[Yes, we’re on it]

12. Increase speed
[Talk to telkom! But seriously, our site is highly optimised and very light in file size. What slows the site down (other than Telkom) is the fact that we have to query the airlines’ databases and the GDS databases – we are the mercy of their response times]

13. Car hire
[Coming early next year]

14. Dynamic packaging (eg. Flight + Hotel)
[Also coming next year]

15. Special membership benefits
[A lot of you requested this. Our members section is still being developed and we’re hopi.jpgng to bring you lots of cool travel tools and information in the near future]

16. Loyalty scheme
[Our business model relies on us selling high volume at very low prices. It would be impossible to offer more financial incentive than we already do. However, our site is always being developed – new ideas and new incentives may well arise in the future]

17. Customer service
[We already have great customer service! Try calling our Travel Desk and see for yourself! :)]

18. Show airlines being searched
[We like this too – and we’re working on it]

19. Choose destinations by maps
[We’re working on a new section of the site called ‘Discover’ – it will packed with alternative ways to search for travel ideas – by price, by tags, by dates, through maps, by city and more]

20. Assistance with visas
[At the moment we give you a link to MDS Visapack. In the future we will be integrating this service into our site]

21. Multi-leg flights
[For the moment you’ll have to call us to arrange multi-leg flights. We might make this available through the web site at some point]

22. Better food!
[Hahah 🙂 That was a popular one! We’d love to be able to change the food the airlines serve but unfortunately we can’t]

23. Open tickets
[You’ll have to call us for open tickets. Currently no one in the world offers open tickets via the web]

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  1. South Maps

    The last time I parked in the North lot and it was fine but I had

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