CRIME – and the Soccer World Cup

The truth is, South Africa has criminals – like every country in the world. However, if you behave street smart, you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime while you are in South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Please follow these snippets of advice:

  • Book your accommodation at a reputable guesthouse
  • Book your airport and soccer stadium transfers with a reputable shuttle service
  • Plan outings to outside the city or book with a tour/safari operator
  • Drive with windows closed and valuables out of sight
  • Don't open your window at robots (traffic lights)
  • Leave your Rolex at home or in a safe at the guesthouse if you go to a soccer match
  • Keep a limited amount of cash in your wallet
  • Keep your wallet in a pocket that closes with a button or that is really deep
  • Don't accept a lift with strangers – rather spring the extra bucks and take a taxi (and I don't mean an informal minibus taxi)
  • Avoid wandering off into dark streets with little pedestrian traffic
  • Keep your cellphone safely hidden away
  • When paying with your credit card at a restaurant (or anywhere else) – walk with if they don't have a mobile card machine
  • When drawing money from an ATM, keep your pi.jpgn to yourself

Keep numbers close:

  • Put the police emergency number 10111 close
  • Keep your medical aid details with you – always

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