Discover the best of both worlds in the glitz and glamor of Dubai-The city of Gold.
  The unrivaled investment in this futuristic Gulf metropolis, alongside its liberal nature and its year round tolerable climate makes it a perfect stop-over to mix business and leisure.
  Virtually crime free, both children and female visitors can roam the city of Dubai freely and enjoy its relaxed and pleasant lifestyle.
  Accommodation is of the highest order, with dozens of luxurious apartments available in plaza complexes with excellent recreational facilities all over the city. Some of the residentials even go extra mile to offer daily maid services.
  The social arena of this emirate of Dubai is truly a melting pot of ethnic diversity as evidenced by the city’s many restaurants and entertainment spots which caters for an international multiple of choices for guests. Authentic tastes of cuisines from around the world are filtered through unparalleled hospi.jpgtality.
  Other visual delights includes the sun drenched beaches, a unique blend of modern and traditional architecture and mammoth shoppi.jpgng malls.
  Talking of shoppi.jpgng malls, remember this is a tax free shoppi.jpgng city. Most of the world’s leading designer brands are readily available at low cost in these enormous shoppi.jpgng malls.
   To add to the vibrancy, there are annual shoppi.jpgng events which includes the colorful Dubai Shoppi.jpgng Festival usually taking place in February and the Dubai Summer Surprises which runs during the summer months.
   In recreation, Dubai caters for all, from activities in the sunshine to extreme sports and top quality water sports. Popular activities include horse racing, camel racing  ice skating, motor racing, tennis and golf, all played out in some of the very best facilities in existence.
  The communication system in Dubai is second to no other in the middle east. Telephones have international direct dialing to most countries in the world, and efficient and reliable full telex, telefax, e-mail facilities and courier services are widely available.
  Last but certainly not least, the emergency medical care is free and there are no restrictions to anyone.

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