Durban We Love You

Dalton Green’s evocative photographs capture Durb’s beauty at all hours of the day. Follow him on the gram @scufforama.

1. When You’ve Just Woken Up

2. And On The Way To Work

3. Especially When You’re Mischievous

Early morning monkey business….. Thanks for the apple Mister   A photo posted by ⚓ Dalton Green ⚓ (@scufforama) on

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4. We Love You Even With Blue Bottles On The Beach

Xmas morning Blue Bottles #samsungnx30 #samsungfamily #samsung

A photo posted by ⚓ Dalton Green ⚓ (@scufforama) on

5. From The Air

6. We Love That Chic Durban Style

7. We Love Durbs By Bike

8. When You’re Showing Off

Welcome to paradise….That’s all folks A photo posted by ⚓ Dalton Green ⚓ (@scufforama) on

9. At Dusk

Where ever you’re headed go with all your heart….Enjoy the journey #sigmainspires @sigmaphoto_sa A photo posted by ⚓ Dalton Green ⚓ (@scufforama) on

10. And At Night

Feast your eyes here:

If you’re feeling nostalgic for Durbs have a listen to the instrumental version of Bastille’s Durban Skies- a song about lead musician Dan Smith’s parents meeting and falling in love in Durban.

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  1. great photos, nice colors, very modern eye. Thanks

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