20 Photos Of Table Mountain National Park Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

On any given day or night people can be found hiking the nooks and crannies of Table Mountain National Park. From sunrise to the middle of the night these adventurers are exploring one of the world’s  “New 7 Wonders of Nature” and they have the photo’s to prove it.

1. Have you ever seen star trails over Lion’s Head?


2. Adventuring on Table Mountain


3. Light trails of all the Full Moon hikers


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4. It’s all about the mountain



5. I spy with my little eye


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6. I love CT



  7. Table mountain sure is something to marvel at



8. I see you!


9. Adventure is best shared with friends



10. Table Mountain in a bubble



11. What a viewing deck!


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12. Diving Board Rock


Diving Board Rock | Table Mountain National Park #whpappreciateearth

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13. Night time wonder of Platteklip Gorge


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14. Twelve Apostles bathed in the glow of sunset



15. Cool Atlantic fog rolling in


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16. This is what the view of Cape Point looks like on a sunset helicopter flight



17. Amazing timelapse of the fog creeping over Kloofnek


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18. Cave Hunting


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19. Dramatic Lion’s Head


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20. Reach for the clouds


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