Embassies and visa applications (Schengen) – more tips

My recent post “Visa Application for a South African Citizen traveling to a Schengen Country” brought up quite a few interesting questions… and I’ve added some extra tips.

It is advised that you email or phone the embassy you need to apply at to make sure about their fees, times of operation, time in advance you may apply for, documents that you may need. If you mail an embassy, they usually reply and attach the visa application form. This document will also tell you exactly what you need to take when you do your application.

We had the option of either applying at the French or Spanish embassy, but the French embassy only accepted applications a week before our flight and Spain… well, if you have your documents, you go.

The Spanish embassy gave us a date (1 week from application) that our visa application would be ready for collection. If you are at the embassy at 9 am for the pi.jpgck-up of your visa, you get to go before the people that apply!

PS. Some embassies want you to make an appointment to see you in person!

The great thing about being able to apply more than 5 days in advance definitely is the peace of mind it gave me. Who wants to stress about their visa two days before they fly?

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