Europe on a Budget – 3 Best Deals

Before I migrated to Europe from North America, I was under the impression that Europe was an expensive place for the traveller. While it may be true that Europe is home to some of the most expensive travel destinations one can find, this doesn’t mean we should tar an entire continent with the same brush.

Europe actually has many remarkable places that can be visited without demolishing your bank account. Here’s a list of my top three budget cities to visit in Europe.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Old Town Square, Prague

Prague, or Praha in Czech, is the capital city of the Czech Republic and has even longer been the capital of the Bohemia region. Besides having the cheapest (and best) beer I’ve experienced, it is a city worth falling in love with. A visitor can’t help but notice its endless beauty, magical bridges, and vibrant streets, backdropped by cathedrals and castles.

It’s currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. A good rail system makes exploring other areas of the country easy as well, an added bonus. You may want to visit Prague soon though – a strong economy in recent years is causing prices to increase somewhat.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Many visitors will be overwhelmed by Budapest’s vibrant nightlife, friendly locals, and amazing beauty. The river Danube splits the city into two – Buda on the west and Pest on the East – connected by a series of impressive bridges (the most photogenic being the Chain Bridge). One of Europe’s most extensive transport systems can take you anywhere you wish to go, be it the National Museum, State Opera House, Margaret Island, or the Parliament Buildings. I strongly recommend visiting one of the many Turkish baths, a highlight of the city.

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of Europe’s most dynamic cities, offering something for every budget imaginable. I onced asked a hotel owner in Berlin how many hotels and guest houses might exist in Berlin? “Who knows” was his response. Name your price, and you are likely to find something in that range within the city of nearly 4.5 million people and a limitless amount of accommodations.

Berlin offers such a diversity and vastness for the visitor that you can easily visit the city for a week or two and not get bored. The city has an infinite supply of history, art, music, culture, dance, food, entertainment, sport, theatre, cinema, brewery tours, museums, landmarks…… you name it. Even residents who have lived there just a few short years will admit they have barely yet experienced the city. There remains a large outdoor gallery of a fairly significant wall that once stood in that city, which you may also want to visit.

Do you have any favorite budget cities in Europe you can recommend? Please leave a comment with your tips and I will include them in a future post.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Berlin is really nice and cheap to visit. Other reasonably places would be the small towns around France and Germany. Also Veria in Greece has much history without the high price.

    • Thanks for the tip! It’s not easy to find value for money places in Greece, everything and everyone points you in the direction of the very touristy places which are really expensive. Thanks again 🙂

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