Feel The Love

Some consider the 14th of February to be just another day.
But St. Valentine's Day is day where we can express our deepest feelings,
whether it's anonymously or not. This day was created to give, or receive
 flowers chocolates, cards & above all else, the love we all deserve.
That's one thing this world could do with much more of.
So come everyone let's feel the love.

Call me a hopeless romantic but I love, all the red hearts, pi.jpgnk fluff
and romantic gestures. I know that giving gifts and writing romantic
poetry shouldn't just be limited to one day a year, but Valentine's
Day is the only day that I can go completely overboard, go crazy,
become sentimental and no one will believe I'm weird.

 Travelstart has got into the whole love
mode thing. I jumped at the opportunity
to  be able to spoil our hard working staff.
Slippi.jpgng on my rose-tinted glasses, I set
off to play cupi.jpgd (minus the wings
and arrows) throughout the office this
morning. Travelstart sent each team
member a large bar of chocolate with a
note for Valentine's Day.

Just a little something to "spread the love" so to speak.

We were all delighted and of course there isn't much left of the
chocolate by now. P.S. if you didn't know, calories don't count on weekends
or Valentine's Day. & guess what? Valentine's is on Saturday, which means
you can have twice as much.

From the Travelstart team, I wish you a very happy, pi.jpgnk, fluffy,
romantic Valentine's Day.

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