Finally live

What started out,  two years ago, as a pet project of mine is finally real.
And what a beautiful pet.

Nobody really, except a few of my friends, thought that South Africa would be a place to launch a high end e-commerce website.

“Do people in Africa even have computers” I was told. “Do people have money to spend on travel ? They are starving!”.

I have been told by local people that Internet will never take off in South Africa.
My answer in simply this, give people a good reason to use the Internet and they will buy computers and get adsl access even if prices are too high. is a good example that Internet works in South Africa. would not exist without the Internet.

We moved to Cape Town December 2004. Part of the idea was to build and launch Travelstart. The second idea was  experience and adventure. We simply couldnt pass the opportunity to be part of a country in the making.

Coming from stale old Sweden the entrepreneurial air and fresh gold digger mentality in the country made me think about me and my company.
So I had to take two steps back and take a good look at what we wanted to do in South Africa.

I teamed up with two talenteded youngsters. Ann Sophie, designer and Damian an art director. We shared visions about the future and the Internet and realized it was music.

One thing was sure; we simply could not launch a local version of Travelstart and hope that would do the trick.
I told them I wanted a statement. A local travel brand that can compete  with and take that to the next level…

It all starts in the head and once that landed i could see where we were going.
We started a project to redesign Travelstart for our target group which is basically the Global Citizen.
We teamed up with two great coders in Sweden that could take Damian and Ann Sophie’s visual vision and make that reality on the web.

We are busy building the finest customner service centre this country has seen.

We are launching the beta website today.

This is only the tip of the iceberg more incredibly cool tools will follow to make your travel arrangements easier and more affordable.

Please enjoy us!


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