Fourth of July celebrations

Fyrverkerier_P1040193 Last Saturday was the 4th of July, in United States known as the national day or Independence day. It was on this date 233 years ago that they declared independence from Great Britain and the usual way to celebrate is with barbeques, pi.jpgcnics, parades and fireworks.

In New York the big fireworks was happening at 9.20 in the evening over the Hudson River. And there was a special reason to celebrate this night, cause it was the first time since 9/11, that fireworks were allowed again in this location.

Thousands of New Yorkers had walked over to the West Side to get a good view. When we walked from the East Village it felt like the whole city was deserted, but the closer we got to the Hudson the more clear it became where everyone was. Some streets were closed off and the police were trying to get people to take certain routes, with mixed results. In the end we found a good spot on 12th Avenue and 24th Street to watch the half hour long spectacle. The fireworks were truly great and there were lots of applause and cheering.

Of course there was not too many barbeques on the streets of Manhattan, but outside many buildings in less busy Brooklyn grills were set up. Manhattanites could instead enjoy the view of the Empi.jpgre State Building, lit up to honor the day, in red, blue and white.

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