Free days, festivals and the Euro – a holiday in Europe

I promised that I would share my Europe research, so here goes another post!

Europe on a shoestring budget I must admit the Rand / Euro exchange rate is a major concern for my planned trip to Europe. The Euro has been sitting at over the 10:1 mark for the last couple of weeks – maybe in 8 months things will change and bring me a more favorable exchange rate.

I have promised myself that in the 28 day (+2 days flying) I will not deny myself any souvenir or trinket that I can treasure for the rest of my life – therefore I have budgeted for plenty. I have also recently bought myself a digital camera, with an extra memory card and a battery charger with extra rechargeable batteries – as I want to make sure I have all the angles and details and not run out of battery or space.

Another thing that I found is that some museums, attractions, sights, etc.  are free on certain days. This might mean that you will need to be there early to skip the hordes of tourists, but in the name of stretching your Euro it might be worth it. Also take note that most of these “free days” might be for EU citizens only…

Below are some of the sights in Madrid that have free days – just to whet your apetite. Visit Spain for Visitors for more.

Across Europe a host of festivals during the year will also keep you entertained – from the Tomatino Festival in Spain to the Beerfest in Germany. (I might be in Germany for the Beerfest and just maybe the Flamenco festival in Seville, but we have yet to finalise our itinerary.)

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