Funkiest online football calendars for FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa

World Cup Calendar as featured in

This has to be one of the coolest football calendars around, thoroughly interactive and tantalizingly pretty, it makes browsing what’s happening when and where during the world a complete breeze. Check it out on Marca’s website.

Other calendars include usual suspects like FIFA’s website. Their Calendar is basic and less interactive but does have some cool features like being able to click on your favourite team and find out more info on and even photos of the players. You can also navigate through the various venues and find out more info about the cities and stadium facilities.

For those of you wanting to be glued in to the action from your desktop, try using FNB’s downloadable plug-in for MS Outlook (they say that this is available for other mail interfaces too). This was a little hardcore for me, I prefer to be free of the world cup once it’s gone than have a plug-in lurking around.

After trawling online for ages, I managed to track down BBC’s Calendar for the World Cup. This is quite a neat traditional calendar with easy clickable links, you can filter the interface to highlight your favourite team’s matches. At the bottom of the screen are links to the various teams’ profiles, complete with profiles on the star and key players. Rather than fiddling around for half your morning trying to find it, check it out here.

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