Fusion Indo Maasai – a dance performance in Nairobi

Dans The French cultural association Alliance Française organizes concerts, exhibitions, movie nights and dance performances. It is located close to Nairobi university.

Last time I was there I saw a dance performance where a maasai warrior danced together with an Indian temple dancer. It was a fantastic show and the audience stood up and applauded long afterwards. The newspaper Daily Nation wrote, as following, before the show: 
Dans1  "…it will be a cultural spectacle at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi as the robust traditional Maasai dance style, and the subtle and intricate Indian Kathak routines are brought on stage. Kenyan professional choreographer Anuang'a Fernando teams up with Indian classical and traditional dancer Jaya Pachuari to present a rare dance show that fuses Indian dance style Kathak and the African Maasai dance. The exposition is rightly dubbed Fusion Indo Maasai." Here is the whole article.

In Alliance Française´s backyard they had built the stage and while Indian families, Kenyan youth, expats and maasai men began to flood in, the light was being rigged, murmuring rose and I ate a good, grilled sandwich, which I bought in the café next door. 
To see the temple dancer´s fine finger movements and seductive eyes in contrast to the maasai Massaj warriors spying dito, inciting body movements, jumps and graceful steps was unspeakable. Towards the end the maasai warrior danced Indian temple dance and the Indian dancer made a few maasai moves. It was beautiful, seductive, fun and impressive.

Alliance Française has no website, but if you visit Nairobi and want to know if they arrange anything while you are there, you can call the association at telephone number +254 20 34 00 54 or +254 20 34 00 79.

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  1. I really love dance shows. Great news that Dance show has been arranged in Nairobi. I cannot come because of my hectic schedule.

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