Get Down With The Sickness


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Greetings Travellers!

Coming to you this week live from the comfiness of my bed. Sadly (or thankfully?), this isn’t going to be a saucy tale. No, I’m here not by choice! Imprisoned in this seemingly insurmountable fortress of snot and sorrow – I’m Sick! Luckily, I’m sick at home right now, in the wintery confines of Melbourne but oh so often, and completely unavoidably, we all get sick while travelling!! Oh Woe! What shall we do?

So, it’s probably to look at this saga in two parts. How we get sick and then how to deal with it.

No one likes to sneeze their way through a new country. I recall taking an epic bus ride from Cambodia to Vietnam and after 13 hours, getting off in the pitch black with no hotel and no idea of where I was, I was feeling rubbish and spent the following 72 hours lying on my hotel bed watching bad kareoke videos and sweating my Flu away…. not amazing!

Sickness happens alot while travelling – mostly due to the fact that we’re having far, far too much fun overseas to worry about health conditions or taking regular medications. Added to that, you’re probably not exercising as well as you do at home and you’re probably eating far more amazing cuisine than you would at home. Throw this all into the mix along with the fact that you’re possibly somewhere with far sub-par healthcare and you may not speak the language and you’re probably asking for it.

Relax, that’s all part of the fun of travelling. Besides, “Thai tummy” and “Delhi Belly” wouldn’t exist without such conditions but with at least 3 out of every 5 travellers contracting these bugs, what precautions can you take?

If you’re travelling for a long trip, try to keep some resemblance of your regular health routine – shower regularly, brush your teeth, take your meds and wash your hands. If you can attempt to do all those things you’d usually do at home while on the road – chances are you’ll be alot better off.

Don’t eat shonky food! – it is part of the mystic, particularly in Asia, to gobble down as much street food as you can muster but at least have a cursory glance at what you’re eating before it ends up taking your insides on a rollercoaster ride.

If you’re travelling somewhere that’s bug ridden or prone to malaria, taking anti malarial medication will of course work… add this to mosquito nets and other precautions and you should end up saving your skin. While there is some conjecture as to whether or not taking the anti-malarial meds is worth it given the side effects, you’ll find this is a personal decision given weighing up the risks.

The simplest precaution of all is to make sure you get thoroughly checked out prior to travelling. Go to your GP and get a medical to make sure you’re OK to begin with then make sure you head to a travel specialist to get any innoculations and vaccinations you may need for a particular given part of the world. Any simple google search will provide you with a wealth of links on what to get for where.

Lastly, all I can say, is if you do get sick overseas, try and do as the locals do. Quite often you’ll find medications are plentiful and powerful and assuming they’re taken appropriately, you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

…and I’m so very glad I’ve been able to sneeze my way through this post.

… till next time 🙂

*NOTE: Any Medical advice contained in this post is completely invalid. Please please please get your own advice pertinent to your own situations and circumstances – This is all just opinion and narrative.

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