Gucci to open Hotel Chain

The exclusive designer brand is set to venture out into the world of tourism and will lend its world famous name to a chain of top end hotels around the world. The first Elisabetta Gucci Hotel, named after the daughter of the famous clothing designer Paolo Gucci, is scheduled to open its doors in Dubai at the end of this year. Many more will follow over the course of the coming years. The managing director of the Gucci hotels, Lorenz Ziller says that they ‘would like to have 40 hotels in 15 years.‘ The second one is scheduled to be opened in China in 2011. After that they will venture out in Russia, the Far East, Africa and South America. The first hotel in Dubai will have 80 standard suites, a couple of penthouses and one exclusive royal suite. All fitted out to the T. The cherry on the cake however, will be the rooftop bar from where you can gaze at the impressive skyline of the city of Dubai while sipping on your designer cocktail. Another interesting extra for guests staying at the hotel is that everything and anything within its walls will be up for sale. And I mean everything. So if you like the sheets, you buy the sheets. If you slept incredibly well on the pillow, you purchase the pillow. Even the furniture will be for sale. That certainly is a lot nicer than paying for a bag of stale peanuts from the mini bar. Although I expect that those sheets and pillows will come with a designer price tag. Now if you think that staying at a Gucci hotel will only be an option for the privileged rich and famous, then think again. You’ll be chuffed to hear that the price for a room could start from only US$408. I know that that’s still more expensive than a room at say a Novotel or a Travelodge, but hey, sometimes one deserves a bit of pampering. Right? Although it actually is a bargain when you think about it. Because the price for a Gucci bag could be triple that amount.

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