Healing Cocktails at New Orleans’ Cure

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Craft Cocktails at Cure, New Orleans

New Orleans may be best known for Hurricane Katrina, Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl winning Saints, but keep digging and you’ll find New Orleans to be one of America’s finest food and drink destinations.  Aside from celebrated chefs like Emeril Lagasse and John Besh, New Orleans has reinvented itself as a cocktail town with boozy festivals like Tales of the Cocktail and quality cocktail bars like Cure.

Located in the up and coming Uptown neighborhood, Cure’s cozy confines are part apothecary, part liquor warehouse.  With a massive bar stocked with hundreds of bottles, you’re sure to find your favorite spirit at the bar.  And using those spirits with deft skill, Cure’s bartenders craft the best cocktails in town, blending classic flavors and techniques with house-made infusions, fresh-squeezed juices and the freshest ingredients.  Drinks include refreshing favorites like the Celery Stalker (gin, lime, celery bitters, cucumber, Prosecco) and stout, bitter concoctions like the Cease and Desist (rye whiskey, Punt e Mes, Fernet Branca, orange peel).

The appeal doesn’t stop at the drinks, as the food’s impressive too. The menu features an assortment of small plates, from crab sliders to chilled corn soup and crawfish empanadas.  The shareable fare is a perfect accompaniment to artisan cocktails.

Cure may not be the most accessible New Orleans cocktail bar, but it’s probably the best.  So when traveling to New Orleans, spend an evening away from the touristy French Quarter and sidle into Cure. You just might find the drink that cures what ails you.

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  1. Love to see a bar use home infusions with fresh ingredients, its a great combination that produces fantastic cocktails. Next time I’m in New Orleans I’ll be sure to pay a visit.

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