Things to Do in Magoebaskloof and Haenertsburg

[Updated July 2020]

With our suggestions on what to do in Magoebaskloof, you’ll be jumping into your car and heading to this scenic Limpopo destination!

Just a few hours’ drive from Johannesburg lies the beautiful green belt of Magoebaskloof – one of Limpopo’s finest enclaves that offers beautiful views, delectable dining experiences, scenic drives and adventure ranging from mild to wild

About Magoebaskloof

What to do in Magoebaskloof

Photo credit: @Kate_Els

Right at the northeastern tip of the Drakensberg Mountain Range (in Limpopo) is where you’ll find Magoebaskloof. This lush mountainous area is also known as the ‘Land of the Silver Mist’, after the soft misty swathes that cloud the troughs and peaks of this incredible place. Right at the centre of Magoebaskloof lies the small village of Haenertsburg.

Formed over 120 years ago during the Gold Rush era, Haenertsburg can now be described as an artist’s hamlet. It’s packed with small restaurants, galleries and a few crafts stalls. The locals are friendly and it really is the kind of place where everybody knows each other’s name.

Things to do in Magoebaskloof:

1. Visit Zwakala Brewery

things to do in Magoebaskloof Zwakala Brewery

Photo credit: Zwakala Brewery

Overlooking the Wolkberg Mountains, Zwakala Brewery (meaning ‘come closer’) prides itself on its exceptional craft beers. Seated at the large glass windows, looking out over the spectacular views, patrons of Zwakala Brewery are treated to gourmet burgers, tapas and renowned desserts alongside their chosen brew.

Zwakala Brewery also draws inspiration from the area’s blueberry farms, serving its blueberry gin and tonic on tap! This is a family-friendly venue complete with kiddies play area. 

2. Feast at The Iron Crown Pub & Bistro

things to do in Magoebaskloof

Photo credit: @Kate_Els

Fashioned on a typical English pub, ‘The Crown’ as it’s known amongst locals, has served its local patrons and travellers exploring things to do in Magoebaskloof for over 30 years. A stop-in for every traveller that passes through Haenertsburg, The Iron Crown serves up hearty pub fare in generous portions. The home-made pies and burgers are a particular favourite of diners, but the menu does offer lighter meals too.

Stop in at The Iron Crown at least once during your stay, you may glean some local knowledge you would’ve otherwise missed. 

3. Wander the grounds of Kuhestan Organic Farm

You may know of Kuhestan Organic Farm from its range of cordials, often peddled at markets across Johannesburg, ideal for a refreshing drink option. The actual farm, however, is a botanist’s dream, sloping over the crest of the Magoebaskloof Pass, and covered in organically-grown avocado, berry bushes and fragrant blooms.

Guests can wander the gardens and complete their visit with a stop in at the tea room on-site, where Kuhestan Organic Farm products are also available for purchase.

4. Discover the Debengeni Falls

Situated away from Hanenertsburg, towards Tzaneen, the Debengeni Falls represent the untouched raw and natural beauty of the Limpopo province. A winding road leads you down the base of the Debengeni Falls, where the Ramadipha River tumbles over smooth rocks into cauldron-like pits. The picnic site, with its large tables and braai facilities, is a major attraction in the area and is well maintained.

If you’re looking for a quieter experience, it’s best not to visit on a Saturday. Be careful of the rocks, they can be slippery and there are no lifeguards on duty here!

5. Learn about curds and whey at Wegraakbosch Organic Farm

things to do in Magoebaskloof Wegraakbosch

The Wegraakbosch Farm is known in the Magoebaskloof area for its cheeses. Using eco-friendly processes, the farm produces a variety of different cheese including Emmenthaler, Harvati, feta, cream cheese and more. Cheesemaking tours are run on the regular, detailing the process from raw dairy to the delicious end product. Bookings are essential!

Visitors to Wegraakbosch can also enjoy a cheese platter and a glass of wine during their stop at Wegraakbosch.

6. Twitch it up at Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge

things to do in Magoebaskloof Kurisa Moya

Photo credit: Kurisa Moya

Budding birders can book a tour with two of South Africa’s best local birding guides, David Letsoala and Paul Nkhumane, at Kurisa Moyo Nature Lodge. An outing in the forest with your guide will reveal some of the area’s most incredible avian species while imparting information about the local area. And although it is never guaranteed, visitors to Kurisa Moyo have often spotted the elusive Narina Trogon on their expeditions.

Birding walks with the guides of Kurisa Moya usually run for two hours. Booking is essential.

7. Fly through the trees on a Magoebaskloof Canopy Tour

What to do in Magoebaskloof

Photo credit: South African Tourism

Soaring through the upper canopies of this ancient forest from platform to platform is exhilarating, to say the least. Overlooking the Groot Letaba River Gorge, the Magoesbaskloof Canopy Tour offers zip lines that traverse over three different waterfalls, offering an authentic bird’s eye view of the Magoesbaskloof flora. Tours are suitable for adults and kids over seven years, offering a great adventure outing for the whole family!

Tours can be booked online and run throughout the day. A light meal and refreshments are included in the price of the tour, and a reasonable level of fitness is required.

8. Ripe for the picking at Blueberry Heights

What to do in Magoebaskloof

Photo credit: @alessiolr

A small, organic farm just outside the village of Haenertsburg, Blueberry Heights seems almost mystical as you drive down its tree-lined avenue! The highlight of visiting here is the Mountain Cafe, serving up incredible meals made from fresh, seasonal produce paired with a fantastic wine list. A small farm stall has also opened, offering local produce to take along as a souvenir. Blueberry picking is open during the summer months of December through February, while the annual Magoesbaskloof Blueberry Festival is one of the best times to visit the area and farm!


Have you been to Magoebaskloof? Let us know what you would add to our list of things to do in Magoebaskloof in the comments below.

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Our Readers Comments

  1. Hi i want to no we are travelling to magoebaskloof oct 2021 with a small doggie. Where will they allow my doggie. Which hiking trails, restaurants, ext. She is very old and barely walks. I would love to go to debengeni waterfalls will she be allowed.

    • Hi Ronel,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      Best to look at different accommodation on the internet to see what each properties policy is when it comes to bringing ones fur babies.

      I’m sure you will be able to find a few properties.

      The Louis Changuion Trail, The Swartbos (Lesodi) Trail, Debengeni Falls and Magoebaskloof Hiking Trail are 4 top hiking trails

      You welcome to search the net for other trails in surrounding areas.

  2. What else can we do over a period of 10 days.
    We dont mind to travel as we are touring the area.
    We will be coming from Durban

    • Hi Gert,

      You welcome to go through our blog: Things to Do in Magoebaskloof and Haenertsburg

      Here are a few other activities and places to visit

      George’s Valley Gorge

      Cheerio Trout Fishing

      Agatha Crocodile Ranch

      Tzaneen Museum

      You will need to check with the places before visiting to see if they are open. Due to Covid sadly some places might have closed.

  3. Gee I really think you have left out the most important thing to see in Magoesbaskloof and that is Cheerio Farm when the azaleas and cherry blossoms are flowering in September???!!!

    • Hi Alethea,

      Thanks for getting in touch and sharing the great tip. We appreciate all suggestions and feedback.

  4. How may I submit a photo on Kugestan to be included in No 3 on the about list?

    • Hi there,

      Great to hear from you.

      You welcome to send your photo to: marking it attention: Marketing Team – Things to Do in Magoebaskloof and Haenertsburg

      It will be passed onto our Marketing team who will see if it would fit in with our content.

      Have a great day and stay safe.

  5. Check out the Graceland Eco Retreat. They offer some great hiking and dining experiences which you can book in advance. Beautiful area and near Magoebaskloof. Check them out on Instagram @gracelandeco

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for the great tip! Will be sure to do so.

  6. Good day,

    Trust all is well?

    I am thinking of getting proposed in magoebaskloof. Any suggested areas, “to do’s”, romantic atmospheres etc?

    Kind Regards

    • Hi there,

      Great to hear from you.

      How exciting. Limpopo is a very scenic destination and is one that is abundant in natural splendor and history.

      There is a beautiful hiking trail on the Magoebaskloof Getaway farm were you walk through breath-taking natural forest, and come upon a number of beautiful waterfalls while doing the hike.

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