Holiday Inn launches Test to use iPhone instead of Room Keys

iPhone or key?

The hotel group Holiday inn, which falls under the Intercontinental Hotel Group, has stated that it will take the technology of opening doors to another level by letting iPhone users open their hotel room with their mobile phones. Bryson Koehler, the CEO of IHG said that ‘he wants to simplify the room-key hand off at the hotel.’ This sounds like music to my ears. How many times have I not stood in a never ending line at reception after a red eye flight when all I wanted to do was hit my pillow? No more standing behind demanding guests checking in who run of their endless list of questions and requests. No more swiping your key card only to find that the red light really doesn’t want to turn green because the receptionist didn’t activate the key card properly. No more rummaging through your bag trying to locate your key card that always seems to have vanished into thin air once thrown in there. The trial will run for three months in two Holiday Inns starting in July. One in Chicago and one in Houston. After that they will gather feedback from the guinea pigs that are to participate in the test. These guinea pigs will need to give their phone number to the hotel when they make a reservation. They then need to download the OpenWays application onto their iPhone. Before they arrive at the hotel they will then receive a text with a sound code that allows them to open the door to their hotel room. There are some people who are worried about the security of this new way of opening doors as it might be an easy target for thieves. Or what if the hotel sends you the wrong details for the wrong room? You might open a door to something you really weren’t prepared to see. Well, time will tell, but I very much like the idea.

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