Home or Away?

North Queensland Coast

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it’s never an easy decision why we do what we do… As travellers, there’s a constant imbalance in life between being somewhere else and being ‘home’.

For me, I love being at home and I love being somewhere else; exploring new cultures, seeing new things, meeting new people, generally discovering a new way of living. Sadly for me, i always seem to want the other one.

At home base this week, in the freezing cold of Melbourne, my thoughts turn to beautiful far north Queensland where I’ll be heading for a fortnight doing some training for work. As I began to start thinking about all the things I want to do while I’m in Cairns, I realised I couldn’t find my suitcase…or my backpack… or in fact – any of the usual luggage I travel with. This was sign number 1 I’ve been off the road too long.

You see – staying at home is comfortable. If I stay here, in this perfectly acclimatised 24 degree house with my nice big television and a comfy couch, I know I’ll be fine. I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and drive to work – the same car on the same roads. I’ll see the same people, I’ll do the same things and I’ll generally eat the same foods.

I do all of this because at some point in my life, my brain decided all these things were awesome. So, I continue on in my comfortable Melbourne life.

Conversely, I as a traveller, yern to mix things up a bit. Get out of this down. Stop driving this car to work, stop eating the same foods, stop watching TV. Get out there and live – see the world, experience life and see what the grass is really like on the other side. I always kick myself daily when I realise this. I want to live life… not watch it on TV in my living room.

There are many things in life that stop alot of people from travelling and everyone always yells – “It’s too expensive”. Shut up! It’s not.

Travel really isnt about money. It’s about time and desire. That’s what seperates travellers from tourists. Tourists save up their hard earned money to go on their two week vacation to Bali or Fiji and book a nice hotel and laze by the pool (Note: there’s nothing wrong with that :)) Travellers on the other hand care not for pools or hotels or saving for that matter. As much as these things in life are nice, it’s really not a decision. It’s a necessity. If something’s necessary – you don’t spend so much time thinking about it because it’s innate.

So for those of you reading this on your computers at work or about to embark on the long drive down the same highway tomorrow morning, take a look around you at everyone else… bet are there are travellers just like you driving their cars and share in the common glow that getting out really isn’t that hard and you’ll be back on a new road in no time.

Till next time…

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